Our Symposium Lunch…Explained

As you know, our Global Health Symposium will take place next Friday, February 6th and Saturday, February 7th. This symposium represents the culmination of over a year of preparation and we are extremely excited to experience the results! If you haven’t already noticed, we will provide all attendees with a free lunch, we only ask that you actually attend our symposium. In order to keep the lunch session in line with the interdisciplinary and student-oriented nature of our symposium and in an attempt to foster further dialogue between undergraduates, graduates, and professors attending, we plan on placing attending professors, this includes speakers and other professors, at specific tables and then allowing students to fill in the empty slots. This will allow students and professors from a variety of disciplines to share a meal, as well as an unstructured conversation. This guarantees a maximum of 7 students to one professor and will give students an experience uncommon to many undergraduate courses here at U of M. Students are encouraged to ask professors a variety of questions from how to they got to where they are to why they prefer a particular desert topping. We are excited to see you all there!


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