About Us

How we started
The University of Michigan has some pretty amazing global health interest groups, all of which show the undying passion UM students share for improving health everywhere. In spite of this, nothing like CMC existed until Bryan and Kelsey took a Medical French course. Inspired by the study of foreign medical systems and cultural impacts on health care, they decided to start a club that brought discussions of culture into the field of medicine. Culture + Medicine = the Culture of Medicine Club. Our function is to discuss which inteventions in global health are most effective and which improvements still need to be made, always considering how culture ties into every political decision.

Who we are

Andrea Maxwell

Hi all! I’m a junior majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m interested in the intersection of psychology and social justice, particularly in migrant and refugee populations. I hope to be an advocate for human rights through both clinical and research involvement in the mental health field. My research interests currently include the neurobiological and behavioral impacts of trauma and exposure to community violence on human development. In my free time, I love traveling, hiking, and watching reruns of Boy Meets World.


Kat Alajbegovic
Vice President of Board Relations
I’m a senior in LSA, as well as an evolutionary anthropology major, medical anthropology minor, and pre-med student. After graduation, I hope to take one or two years off to work with Indigenous peoples to help research and address their lack of access to adequate medical resources as well as sexual health education. I love reading more than anything, so if you have any titles or authors that you love, let me know!


Shefali Sood
Vice President of Member Relations
Hi everyone! I am currently a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a dual degree in Spanish and International Studies. I am interested in healthcare and policy, and am very excited to be co-VP of CMC this year! I love working with member relations and am very excited to meet and get to know everyone interested in the club and its mission. In my position, I will work to coordinate and plan member general meetings so we can make this club a great experience for all out members. Other than CMC, I am part of Resstaff at UM in Stockwell Hall and am part of the South Asian Awareness Network ARISE Mentorship program. Other than school and work, I love trying new foods and hanging out with my family 🙂

Sabrina Carrier
Outreach Officer
Sabrina Carrier is the current Outreach Chair of CMC. As a senior with a major in Sociocultural Anthropology and a minor in Gender and Health, she plans to continue her studies with specialization in Medical Anthropology and Nutrition after graduation. She is particularly interested in the research and education of how varying emphase on nutrition in cultures affect which diseases or illnesses are recognized and how they are treated and perceived throughout different areas and regions. Her passions include her involvement in the social sorority Pi Beta Phi, binge watching Netflix, yoga and art.

Thanks to our formal sponsorship with the Program in International and Comparative Studies, we have the funding and administrative support to impact campus the way we all want to. You are the only thing we’re missing!


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